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PNP Pricing

Open-source, DIY, or set up by me and build your custom website



Setup by yourself

Get started
  • Documentation support
  • Next.js, TailwindCSS, daisyUI
  • .me domain free 1 year, if you are student
  • Github static page hosting
  • Data and Project code sparest repository
  • Algolia search, Google map Integrate
  • Giscus comment, reaction system
  • Open source
Quick setup

$79 $100


I will setup PNP in your Github account

Contact via Gmail
  • Onetime installment cost
  • Quick tutorial and explanation
  • Domain setup
  • Lifetime Support



Custom design from your needs

Contact via Gmail
  • Everything in DIY and Expert
  • Custom design based on your idea
  • Personalization

PNP Pricing FAQ

Is there a free plan?

PNP is completely free. There is no need for any money to run it. GitHub offers free static page hosting. If you need to set up a domain, then the domain provider will charge you for the domain cost. Otherwise, PNP hosting is completely free.

Why I need this?

A portfolio website showcases your skills and services. If anyone wants to know about your business or your personality, this type of website will boost you to the level you need.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me at