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Crop pixel playground

Crop pixel playground


Crop Pixel Playground is an app that allows you to crop an image into blocks of small images. It generates multiple chunks of small images from the given image, and all the processing is performed on your device without using any API. This app is free to use and is supported on Android, Windows, and the web.


  1. Blocks size adjust as x, y value.
  2. Interactive image scaling and pan slide.
  3. Image rotate
  4. Download/Save image into download folder. Internal storage/ Download/cppg/
  5. Using Isolate(multithread) to blocking image as fast as possible.
  6. Adjust scale factor.
  7. Block image size height, width adjustable in setting page.
  8. Restore app setting value using 'Factory reset' option in setting page.
  9. Dark/Light mode theme.
  10. Image supported png, jpeg.
  11. Save processed image as zip file. In zip file include fileinfo.json to get blocks name and files information.
  12. Adaptive design.
  13. Gif/Apng supported

if you need more feature on this app, highly requested to create an issue on our GitHub repository tab.

App name: Crop pixel playground
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