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Action Wallet Checker

Action Wallet Checker


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Action Wallet Checker is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that allows users to check their Stellar account information and asset holder limits. The app is built using Flutter and uses the Stellar Horizon API to collect account information, which is parsed locally in the user's browser. Action wallet checker powered by

Backend api for fetching account and asset information.


  • Check account information: Users can check their account information by entering their account public key.
  • Filter check: Users can filter account information by asset code, issuer address, and balance limit.
  • Single/Multi checker: Users can check a single account or multiple accounts at once.
  • Asset holder checker: Users can check their asset holder limits.
  • History: Users can view their search history.
  • Export data as CSV: Users can export their account information as a CSV file.
  • Dark and light theme: Users can choose between dark and light themes.
  • PWA app: The app can be installed on a user's device and used offline.

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