Some useful change for lenovo thinkpad t460s

3 finger browser back<->forward (Win10)

  • Enable three fingers switching apps in 'Synaptics Control Panel/Gestures/Drags and Slides>Three Fingers->Switching apps'
  • Download -> synaptics3fingerBrowserBackForward.reg
  • Double click synaptics3fingerBrowserBackForward.reg
  • Run PowerShell as Admin Stop-Service "SyntpEnhService"; kill -name SynTPEnh; kill -name SynTPHelper; Start-Service "SynTPEnhService"

More details

Automatically Dial up

When Ethernet cable plug in automatically connect with the PPPOE account.

  • Set up a connection with name Broadband Connection in windows setting > Network & internet > Dial-up
  • Download -> autoPPPoEconnectDIUPasswordUserRequired.xml
  • Replace <USER_NAME> and <PASSWORD> with yours
  • Open Task scheduler ->
    • Change security options user to current user
    • Change trigger At log on user to current user
    • Make sure you already set up a connection with name Broadband Connection
  • Done. When you startup windows or log on windows this task executing automatically.
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