Youtube Subscriptions Transfer


YouTube Subscriptions Transfer is a browser extension that allows you to transfer subscriptions from one account to another without using any API. The extension collects a list of channels and enables you to subscribe or unsubscribe to each channel. It interacts with the DOM using xpath.


Get YST on Microsoft Edge


To use the extension, open the Y (yst) icon from the extension panel. If you are not on the page, click the Open YouTube button.


Wait for the page to load completely and wait for the Ready for accept request signal from the content script. Once connected, the options will look like the screenshot below.

First time view

Data section

In the Data section, you can see how many subscriptions the extension has collected. If you expand the subscriptions, you will see all the channel IDs. You can also add, remove, or update this list and take action from this list.

Data section


  • Collect channel

    This button will collect all subscriptions from your current active tab on YouTube and save them to the Data section.

  • Subscribe

    This button first collects all of your current subscriptions and compares them with the past data from the Data section. If any of the IDs are present in your current subscriptions, the ID is removed from the subscriptions list.

  • Unsubscribe

    This button first collects your subscriptions and compares them with the past data. If any of the IDs are present in your current subscription list, the ID remains on the list.

  • Stop

    This button will appear when any action is running. You can click it to stop the current task.

The Subscribe and Unsubscribe buttons will only appear when the Subscriptions list is not empty

Actions active

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